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Competitions Added
Since March 2006
Now entering for prizes
worth £ 260,300 including...
  • £62,100 Cash & Vouchers

  • 3 Cars

  • 81 Holidays

  • 6 TVs & Computers

  • 9 Phones & Gadgets

  • 39 Fashion & Beauty

  • 63 Home & Garden

Winning you internet competitions effortlessly

  • Total prize value £260,300

  • £62,100 Cash & Vouchers

  • 81 Holidays

  • 6 TVs & Computers

  • 9 Phones & Gadgets

  • 39 Fashion & Beauty

  • 63 Home & Garden

What we do

What we do is simple – we find companies promoting their products or services using online competitions, and then enter your details into them. If your name is picked, you get the prize, and it will come directly to you.

There are literally thousands of great prizes available every year that someone has to win. Obviously luck plays its part, but with WeWin4u you can enter hundreds of competitions every month without spending hours online.

How it works

You’re probably wondering how this is possible, and what is so special about this system.

Simply put, our system can automate 99% of the regular entry process, cutting out unnecessary waste and saving you a huge amount of time and effort compared to entering manually.  It can enter you into dozens of quality competitions in the time you might spend doing one, and of course it never gets bored, gets the answer wrong or forgets a closing date.

This means we can enter you into many more competitions than you could do yourself which gives YOU a much higher chance of winning than even the most dedicated professional comper.

Even the 1% it can’t automate, we’ll take care of, allowing you to get on with your life knowing that our system can deliver you incredible prizes.  Plus you have 24/7 access to your personal My Entries page to track your entries and be 100% sure that we’re giving you the best chance of winning.

When you subscribe with us, we’ll ask for the information that the entry forms require, so we can use it for the actual entries and we recommend you use a brand-new email, so your usual inbox isn’t filled with marketing spam

Similarly, we’ll decline all offers that lead to junk mail and we will never, ever, use your details for anything other than entering competitions for you.

Only WeWin4u allows you to directly choose the types of prizes which you want to win, and we tailor our system so you are entered into competitions associated with your preferences. Each month we’ll email you a statement showing which competitions you’ve entered, the date and time you were entered for them, and when they close.

We’ve created hundreds of winners since 2006 and our WeWin4u winners page proves our system really works.  Since then we’ve constantly been refining and upgrading it to maximise your chances of winning.  Now we can’t guarantee that you will win, but we are 100% sure that we can give you a better chance of winning than any other service could do, at a price lower than the cost of buying one lottery ticket a week, and FAR lower than our competitors.

So, if you’re obsessed with, or just slightly curious about competition entry without the HASSLE, the WASTED TIME, and the LACK OF RETURN, and want us to show you a better, far more lucrative way of winning then THIS IS FOR YOU

Automatic competition entry is the smart way to win online competitions, why not take a moment to see how people just like you are winning great prizes with no effort at all.

Britain’s Best Value

You can sign up in a just a few minutes and we’ll start entering you into competitions today, there’s no need to wait.

The longer you sign up for, the more competitions we can enter you into, and there are no joining or set-up fees

We charge just £2.00 a week which represents incredible value – our competitors will charge you over £200 for a year!

Every membership includes a monthly email showing the competitions you have entered plus 24-hour access to your latest entries on our My Entries page

What our customers say….

Have only been a member for a couple of months but have just received my first prize which is a computer monitor, it's a great piece of kit to have. Only took out a 6 month length of membership as I was a little sceptical but will certainly renew it for a full year. Also a friend of mine has taken out a membership and so I have got an extension of 10 days on my subscription. Happy days!

Peter Somerset