Email Account Advice

Almost every internet competition requires you to provide an email address. This is so that the competition organisers can tell you if you have won and update you on their goods and services, special offers and promotions. From our experience we can tell you that if you enter many competitions you will receive a lot of additional email.

Even though we try to minimise the amount by declining offers where we can, it is sensible to set up a new email account for your competition entries. With WeWin4u you have two options:

You can set up a new free email account

Simply open a new account with a free email account provider like Hotmail, GMail or Yahoo Mail.

Millions of people use accounts like these and you can be signed up and ready to go in just a few minutes. Please make sure you have confirmed for yourself that the new account is setup and you can access it before completing your WeWin4u application.

Remember that free email accounts can be withdrawn by the provider if they are abused or neglected.  You must check your account regularly, but this is good practice anyway as you may discover you have won a prize. You should also delete any unwanted mails and unsubscribe from ‘newsletters’ to ensure that you do not use up the free space allowance.

Here are some popular email providers, click on the image to link to their site


You can use an email account you already have

Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide a number of mailboxes as part of your connection package, and you can use one of these. Alternatively you may have an existing free account you would like to use.

You can use your current email address but we advise against this as you will find the volume of competition-related mails may make it difficult for you to find your other correspondence. However, an advantage of using a mailbox provided by your ISP is that it will not have the restrictions of many free accounts and may have additional spam-protection.