Hopefully the basics are covered in the ‘Tell me more‘ page, but please do email in if you have any queries about what we do or the way we do it.

Over the years we’ve seen a few questions pop up more than once so here’s a round up of FAQs….


Can you guarantee that I’m going to win something?


Let’s not beat around the bush with this one – WeWin4u is a service that enters you into the competitions so you don’t have to do it yourself. This means you can save time, effort and expense and still be entered into the same competitions as enthusiasts who spend all their spare time entering online for potentially no reward.   The winner will be chosen independently by the competition organiser and we have no influence over that.   All we can guarantee is that we will enter you into all the competitions we can find that match the criteria you have selected and your entry will be correcly formatted with the right answers where required. After that it’s the luck of the draw!   That said, we’ve had many members who have won multiple prizes – sometimes quickly, sometimes after a while – and many who have been with us for years.

The longer you’re with us, the more competitions we can enter you into, so hopefully it will only be a matter of time before lady luck glances your way.


At the start of my membership I was being entered into more competitions than I am now, what’s going on?

This is to be expected.   When you first sign up there will be a large number of competitions that are closing in the next day or two, and we want to make sure we get your details into all of those so you might see a spike in entries before things settle down.


I’m not getting any ‘entry confirmation’ emails in my competition email account.

Again, this is normal.   Bear in mind that unlike personal emails, sending commercial quantities of email is not free.  Companies that are running competitions are doing so in order to increase the visibility of their brand and add to their marketing databases.  It is much more profitable for them to send you a marketing email with special offers than it is to send a ‘thanks for entering’ email.   Some companies will still do this though so it is important not to judge the number of entries we’ve made by the number of ‘thanks for entering’ emails you’ve received.

We tend to get this query at the start of memberships,  as it isn’t normally too long before the number of emails starts to increase significantly, hence the next question….


I’m getting loads of email and newsletters now.   What should I do?

We know that as we enter you into more competitions, your competition email account will be exposed to more and more companies and they will want to communicate their offers and promotions to you directly.  Once it is in the public domain there is only one way the number of emails you will get will head, and that’s upwards!   This is why it is vital to use a separate email account for your competition entries.  It’s very easy to set up new email accounts, and some of the popular providers are discussed here.

We recommend you try not to concern yourself too much with the amount of email you recieve – the important thing is to check (not necessarily read) your emails regularly.  In our experience, if you do win, the email you recieve will look quite different from normal marketing spam and will likely feature the words ‘Congratulations’ or ‘You’ve won’ in the title.   This mail may not be from a company you recognise as the prize fulfillment element of the competition is often handled by a separate company from the competition organiser.   You should look for these types of emails first and choose whether to read or ignore the rest.

We do always tick the ‘No newsletters/marketing’ option where it exists, but in reality these companies are running competitions to reach new customers and so some communication is to be expected.  We have found that selecting the ‘unsubscribe’ option for each email is both time-consuming and ineffective.

If you are finding the number of emails is getting out of hand, one option is to create a fresh email account for your entries and let us know the details.  We can change the account we use for you at any time and of course there is no charge.